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As a consumer you have many choices when it comes to activities and we wanted to make sure you had a chance to try scuba diving. One of the barriers to becoming a diver is the fear of the unknown and the investment of time and cost. Online training is designed to educate you on what it means to become a scuba diver. The information demonstrates what it takes to stay safe and comfortable during your underwater adventures. At anytime during your online experience you can contact your local SSI Dive Center and complete your scuba diving course! Once you try it you¹ll be hooked!


There is no limit to the possibilities

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It’s the experience of a lifetime! There is nothing like it. Whether you want to swim with colorful fish, explore century old wrecks, or observe rays up close, scuba diving has it all. Not all training is the same.

Make sure the facility you choose is a certified Scuba Schools International dive center. It is the only way to guarantee high quality and the ultimate training experience.This program is designed to educate you on what it means to become a scuba diver.

After completing you will be able to make an informed decision about where you want to complete your scuba training and what you can expect from a quality SCUBA training facility. You will also have completed the required academic portion of an SSI Open Water ourse.

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